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Reflections from Mary Gehr

In the eighties my husband, Jim Gehr, and I became good friends with Cherry Watts and her husband, Steve Way, when they moved into the townhouse next door to us. Over the following years we were gradually adopted into the Watts family and had the good fortune to be invited to a number of dinner parties at their ranch.  Besides the delicious pork and beef George had raised there were always plenty of side dishes Martha made and all served on beautiful china and glassware that of course, made everything taste even better!

   Accompanied stories of George's hilarious escapades, whether or not they included Martha, she would add her own comments (sometimes just loud enough for our ears!) but they seemed to make each story funnier and more poignant!

   Martha has always been the most inclusive, and open-minded person I know, never uttering a negative thought or word about anyone. The Tea Shop was her baby and her favorite place to invite, socialize and engage others with her happy demeanor and welcoming smile.  The wonderfully delicious restaurant, one of Milwaukee's finest, seemed an extension of Martha herself, since the service was always welcoming, the atmosphere elegant as well as it all being a very pleasant place to discuss wedding plans, company calendars or solve the state, country or world problems!  

  For all the times you invited me, Martha, I thank you and for all I've learned from your generous spirit, your kindness and acceptance of all peoples, may God continue to bless you and your wonderful family!


Photo Above of Martha Watts, Mary Gehr and Helen Myers