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Reuben and Mildred Harpole Kitchen Fundraiser

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Dear Friends of Reuben and the late Mildred Harpole,

You are invited to create a lasting memorial to Reuben and Mildred by supporting this fundraiser for the construction of the kitchen at the MacCanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary (MBHS) at 2461 W. Center St. 

This kitchen, an answer to Reuben and Mildred's prayers as they toured the building in 2018 and witnessed the extreme need of the people being served by MBHS, is for the meal program being planned by MBHS. 

With great love and compassion for people of struggle, Reuben and Mildred have often spoken of this envisioned kitchen.

It will be named the Reuben and Mildred Harpole Kitchen.

This will be all about nutritious meals and community-building. It will be the heart of all the programs in store as the transformation of our facility into a major help center continues to become a reality.  (The completion of the Welcome Center, Phase One of first floor, is within reach). Meanwhile MBHS has been serving 200+ households and individuals weekly at two sites unfailingly since the pandemic.  Before the pandemic we grew a weekly meal program at Hephatha Lutheran Church for five years. That network of partnering groups is waiting in the wings.

MBHS is established in a neighborhood in the 53206 zip code which is a food desert. Witnessing the food scarcity and undernutrition  of MBHS, the organization has moved boldly forward in urban agriculture. Much of the food for the meal program will be grown onsite. Food production as an employment hub will evolve.

Our location also statistically has the most chronic disease, the most health problems and is the most advantaged neighborhood in Wisconsin. The lead contamination in the water is very high.  The average life expectancy in this neighborhood is 13 years less than nearby suburbs.

Civil rights trailblazer the late Vel Phillips, a mutual friend of the Harpoles and MBHS said, "Dream big dreams." That is what MBHS is doing at 2461 W. Center St.  Our dreams are big because the level of need is so large.

Please fulfill the hearts' desire of Reuben and Mildred and make the Reuben and Mildred Harpole Kitchen a reality.  In doing this you will bring life and hope to people whose survival is at-risk on a daily basis.



Reuben K. Harpole, Jr. and Mildred L. Harpole were honored jointly at the annual Milwaukee Urban League's 59th Annual Equal Opportunity Day Luncheon.  They received the distinguished Whitney M. Young Jr. Legacy Award.  Whitney Young Jr. was a former head of the National Urban League. 
Other recipients were also given awards for their work.   (Posted on Facebook by Annette G. Harpole - Daughter- for her Parents). 
Here is the link to the Milwaukee Urban League Facebook post of the Luncheon:

The MacCanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary (MBHS) is a daytime sanctuary and multi-resource center for homeless and at-risk individuals.  Our core values are healing, advocacy, voice, sustainability and mutual transformation.  Our sanctuary is a place to be, belong and become within a transformational solidarity community--interfaith, nonpartisan, intercultural, and noncanonical.  We are a racially and economically diverse family of hope who seek to strengthen Milwaukee's overwhelmed safety net.

The video below is a Positively Milwaukee feature with WTMJ4 Carole Meekins featuring the MacCanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary.

Click on this link to check out the MBHS Facebook page:


In honor of Reuben and the late Mildred Harpole, the MacCanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary is joining together to raise funding for our future kitchen at the sanctuary, 2461 W. Center Street. 


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